The Gifted Marketing Formula

How do YOU incorporate Purpose into your business model — without sacrificing or risking profits?

How do YOU exponentially grow your business, your revenues, and your profits by creating a new business model with Purpose at its core?

The Answer Is The Gifted Marketing Formula™. 

The Gifted Marketing Formula is a nine-phase business model and marketing system that existing entrepreneurs or startups can apply to their business.

It’s fundamentally designed to help Gifted Entrepreneurs drastically increase revenues and profits, so they have more time and money with which to create positive change in the world.

By Applying This Formula, Gifted Entrepreneurs Like You Will Be Empowered To:

  • Be completely differentiated where you can increase prices and stand out in the crowd
  • Have a unique system for generating high quality leads
  • Create better quality, long-term and loyal client relationships
  • Steady stream of better quality referrals
  • Build an army of client evangelists spreading the word about your business and your cause
  • Devote your focus and resources to deepening your offerings, instead of thwarting (non-existent!) competition
  • Develop remarkably powerful and lasting client loyalty from individuals who align with your values and beliefs – a.k.a. Your Dream Clients
  • Build valuable equity in your brand and essentially become synonymous with the industry itself
  • Reap the rewards of enhanced visibility, credibility, trust, and reputation
  • Build rapport with pre-qualified dream clients who are motivated to buy
  • Identify new forms of unique revenue and profit generation

And Most Importantly, You’ll Be Empowered To Create Positive, Sustainable, Social Change In A Profitable Way!



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