The Gifted Entrepreneur

Before I reveal the magic formula, let’s talk about you.

In fact, let’s fast forward into the future — one year from today — and look back over the year that has just past.

Back To The Future

Roughly a year ago, I shared my secret formula with you, and told you how to apply it to your business.

Within weeks, you were able to increase prices, while at the same time, attract better quality clients to your business.

Those clients were more loyal, willing to pay a premium, and referred more business to you. In short, they were more connected, because they shared the same passion for your Purpose.

Sales went up.  Profits even higher.

Your competition is no longer your competition.  You’re in a league of your own, and none of your old competitors can figure out what you’re doing.

Your employees are more engaged, inspired, and productive because of your Purpose.  They care deeply about your business, and about your clients.

And best of all, you’ve made a massive difference in the world.  You’ve been able to devote time, resources, and finances to making the world a better place — without sacrificing profits.

In fact, even after your contributions, you’ve still made more profit over the past 12 months, compared to the 12 months prior.

You’re now, officially, a Gifted Entrepreneur.

So What’s A Gifted Entrepreneur, Anyway

A Gifted Entrepreneur is one that makes a fortune BY making a difference – one that has infused a bigger Purpose throughout their organization.

I used the word ‘Gifted’ to denote an entrepreneur who is successful and talented, who also believes in ‘giving’ and being a ‘gift’ to the world.

A Gifted Entrepreneur blurs the line between for-profit and non-profit.  We believe that it’s fine to make a fortune, while making a massive difference.

In a couple of days I’m going to reveal the secret sauce: The Gifted Marketing Formula.



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