The Archangel Manifesto

While its a work in progress, here is the “Dream Statement” for my company Archangel Academy For Gifted Entrepreneurs – my vision of the future…

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By Giovanni Marsico

I have a dream, of a future free of global challenges like poverty, hunger and illiteracy.

I believe that the keys to social change are entrepreneurship and education. I believe that entrepreneurs are the key to a bigger and better future for the planet.

I have a dream of a future where the labels ‘for profit’ and ‘non profit’ don’t exist anymore, and where all organizations are a hybrid of both. Where ‘sales and marketing’ aren’t dirty words to non-profits, and ‘giving and social change’ aren’t dirty words to for-profits.

I call this hybrid “Profits on Purpose.” I also call entrepreneurs who lead these types of organizations “Gifted” Entrepreneur, which means talented, successful, AND giving.

My dream is to provide Gifted Entrepreneurs with all of the marketing and success tools that will assist in solving the world’s greatest challenges.

There is a saying: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” My dream is to empower the fishing teachers – to provide them with the tools and strategies to be effective agents of change.

I have a dream of building a community of Gifted Entrepreneurs, where we can work together and collaborate to help each other achieve our individual dreams.

I have a dream of showing ordinary entrepreneurs and non-profits how to be Gifted. My dream is to work with non-profits in finding creative solutions to making more money so as to build sustainability, and create alternative sources of funding. At the same time, I hope to work with their entrepreneurial donors to help them make more money so they can give more to the non-profits.

I have a dream of creating a post secondary school in the future, targeted at young, gifted entrepreneurs.

Students of this school will learn everything they need to know about starting and running a successful Gifted Enterprise, so that by the time they graduate they are already running a business, making money, and creating positive social change.

I have a dream, that successful graduates of this school will act as mentors and angel investors for current students, providing them much needed moral and financial support.

And when this happens, I envision a planet of ten billion smiles. When these dreams turn to reality, a world where every human being has the opportunity to be truly happy, fulfilled, and living a life of full potential.




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