The Archangel Blueprint

The Archangel Blueprint

Over the past few months, I have shared various project ideas for my business, Archangel Academy, with close friends and clients.  The answer is usually:

“Holy shit that’s awesome!  How can I help?”

Ask these friends and they’ll say I’m super ‘giving’, and care deeply about delivering huge value to my Archangel community.

Ask them what I suck at…and they’ll most likely say “asking for help”.   (This seems to be a common theme among people who are really good at being ‘givers’)

I have decided to do something completely DIFFERENT.  In this post I’ve shared my idea process publicly – the kind of strategies I would normally keep super private.

How You Can Help And Support Us

For each project I’m also going to share a list of things I need to help bring it to life.  If you’d like to help, or know someone that could, please forward this post or subscribe below.

FYI – What you’re about read is a complete work in progress – and over the next couple of months this post will grow and be edited numerous times as the projects evolve and our needs change.

Our Purpose

Our dream is to make the world a better place by connecting and supporting other big-hearted entrepreneurs who want to do the same.

We call this dream ‘10 Billion Smiles‘.

We want to serve and support 100,000 of these entrepreneurs –  ‘Angels’ and ‘Archangels’ – who will serve and support 100,000 people each (100,000 x 100,000 = 10,000,000,000).

By the time there are 10 billion people on the planet, we want our community to have positively touched the lives of each person –  to alleviate suffering and increase fulfillment and happiness.

Estimated Population Projections According To The United Nations

Estimated Population Projections According To The United Nations



There are 5 projects we’re currently working on:

  1. The annual mastermind event (ARCHANGEL ACADEMY 2015)
  2. The membership site/online school (untitled – working titles ‘Archangel Flight School’ or ‘Archangel Club’)
  3. The podcast and Youtube channel (untitled – working title ‘Hylytes’)
  4. The book (The Gifted Entrepreneur)
  5. Partnerships/Sponsorships



Archangel Academy 2015

Archangel Academy 2015 – January 29-30th in Los Angeles



Annual mastermind in the Los Angeles area, January 29-30 2015, for highly-successful, big-hearted, positive, ego-free, and giving entrepreneurs that want to:

  1. Make the world a better place through their business or philanthropic efforts
  2. Connect with like-minded and like-hearted entrepreneurs to share wisdom and support each other’s efforts
  3. Gift forward their time and wisdom to other entrepreneurs on their way up



  • THE STUDENT IS THE TEACHER – everyone that attends has an opportunity to speak – either with a 10-minute talk (with presentation) or 2 minute talk to share their ‘gift’ (wisdom, expertise, experiences, etc.) offering 1 nugget of extreme value.
  • EVERYONE CONNECTS – we ask everyone to speak offering value as a way to authentically introduce the community to each other.
  • CUSTOMIZED FORMAT – prior to the event we ask each participant to tell us their ‘GIFT’ as well as current challenges – we then connect attendees in ADVANCE who can help each other, AND we host roundtable discussions that will have the highest value to the group based on the topics/themes/challenges that come up the most
  • THE APPLICATION PROCESS – you can not purchase a ticket to this event – you have to be invited OR go through an application/qualification process. 50 people will receive personal invites (those that have attended previous events and through our network) and we have 50 spots open for applications and referrals. These 100 spots are available at $4800 each.
  • THE SCHOLARSHIPS – we also offer an additional 25 seats as full scholarships to up and coming entrepreneurs who would benefit from being in the room to connect with, learn from, and be mentored by the Archangel community.   (This is one of my favourite aspects of the event as we have some pretty awesome success stories).
  • ONE OF THIS YEAR’S THEMES: STORYTELLING, PACKAGING, AND CREATING A MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE – We’re going to build a ‘set’ in the venue to make the event appear to be a talk show (think, The Tonight Show). The entire 2-day event will be filmed, and then we’re going to edit it down to a 1 hour ‘show’ that will be published for free online – emulating a talk show (monologue, interviewed guests, musical performance, a band in the room that plays between breaks, fun games, etc.)



  1. Having the ‘right’ people in the room is the most important aspect of this event (and all our events).  We’ve been sending personal invites as the primary method of filling seats.
  2. This month we will be starting our campaigns to invite others to ‘apply’ – sending messages to our database and using Facebook advertising as the primary paid form of ads.  (We exclusively used Facebook advertising to fill our last Archangel Academy event.  You can read the extensive case study here).



  • We would greatly appreciate individual referrals to our event page if you know someone that greatly meets our qualifications.
  • We’ll definitely need volunteers in the LA area to assist us for the event.
  • We’ll need a great camera/tech crew on site to record the event.
  • We’ll need assistance designing and building out the set to look like a TV studio stage.






Website:  or


An exclusive membership site and community for ‘Angels’ – start-up and growth-oriented entrepreneurs that all have the same characteristics as the Archangel group (positive, giving, big-hearted, want to make the world a better place). The site is a tool to connect this community together, share wisdom, help each other grow. The plan is to do a soft launch in November with full launch in February.)   The fee will be monthly.

Essentially, it is a digital/online version of our live events and carries many of the same aspects.



  • THE VIDEO APPLICATION – unlike other sites, you have to APPLY to join. The application process includes a written form AND video submission. The video is a 2 minute direct to camera video taken with a phone or computer offering 1 nugget of value to the community.   To apply you pay for your first month and if approved you continue and if not we refund your first month.
  • COMMUNITY-DRIVEN CONTENT – Just like our live events, the content shared on the site will be based on the biggest challenges of the members – either as tutorial videos, articles, video interviews, Google Hangouts, or webinars.
  • CO-CREATED CONTENT – the 2 minute application videos become ‘group’ shared content in the site and function in the same way as our 2 minute live event talks – a way for the members to authentically introduce themselves to each other.
  • GIFTING FORWARD – a portion of the proceeds raised from the membership fees will be gifted forward into the community – either as gifts, micro-loans, or prizes (like an X-Prize challenge).  Instead of paying out affiliate and referral commissions, we’re going to pay forward these funds to help the members grow and create positive impact.



The plan is to use the Jeff Walker/Brendon Burchard launch strategy of offering a free copy of my hardcover book (just pay the shipping) as a lead generator, offering free videos of extreme value, and then offering the opportunity to join the site.

The official launch will be in February after Archangel Academy. The plan is to use the 1 hour free ‘show’ as the lead generation video which ends off by inviting viewers to join the membership site.   By February the site will already be populated with an existing community and content making it more attractive and valuable.



  • Deciding on which platform to use (Kajabi, Wishlist, Optimize Press, etc.)
  • Coming up with creative ideas on how to gift forward the money raised (current options are to create a monthly ‘gift’ that is given to a member of the community as voted by the community, along with creating an X-Prize style contest)
  • Deciding on the name
  • Choosing a payment processor
  • Hiring a developer/designer for the platform








One aspect of our events that people love is concept I call ‘Hylytes’ – a part of the event when I rifle off actionable nuggets that the audience can use in their business (usually 15-20 nuggets in an hour).

Part of the value I love to create for our community is to invest over $100,000 per year and 1000 hours per year attending events, reading books, online learning, and then curating, distilling, and filtering out only the best content and sharing it.

My original plan was to start a podcast that offered 1 quick ‘nugget’ a day – a 2-5 minute video of myself speaking direct to camera and then converting the audio into a podcast. Some of the nuggets would be ‘highlights’ of my favourite books, courses, live events, etc.

Then I realized there could be even more value if I ask the actual speakers/authors/entrepreneurs themselves to provide the 2-5 minute videos, making sure the production value is super low (ie – taken with a cellphone) to create a new form of authenticity and connection with the audience – and create a new way for them to ‘pitch’ their products in a completely educational and non-salesy way.

The idea came from a surprise birthday video that my team put together for me last month, asking people in the Archangel community to record a quick video on their phones to say happy birthday to me.

Here’s a clip from the video for reference (featuring my friends Joe Polish, Peter Diamandis, Steve Sims, Jayson Gaignard, David Jensen and Neil Moore):

(If you’d like to see the full birthday video, click here).



  • Each episode will be short – no fluff, no filler, 100% highly valuable and actionable content in the form of 1 ‘nugget’ per episode.
  • The purpose of the project is to allow myself and the ‘Archangels’ (authors, speakers, entrepreneurs) to gift forward their wisdom and expertise to ‘Angels’ – offering them the opportunity to Ascend and become fellow Archangels themselves.
  • The videos will be recorded low-quality (ie – with a cellphone or laptop camera) to create an authentic connection between the speaker and the audience – showing the viewers that the speakers are ‘real’ people.
  • The content will be custom based on the needs and requests of the Choir.


The project creates a unique way for us to help promote the speakers’ projects (books, products, membership sites, etc.) where we can act as an affiliate for them.  ALL affiliate commissions will be gifted forward and put back into the community (grants, gifts, contests, etc.)


  • We’re looking for support and advice from experts in the podcasting space and Youtube space.
  • We need to decide the best way to ‘gift forward’ the affiliate commissions to have the greatest impact in the community and then in the world.




The premise of this book is that every entrepreneur has a ‘Gift’ – made up of their talents, skills, experiences, passions, expertise, purpose, and dreams – and that you can package your Gift and build a business around it.   We believe that big-hearted entrepreneurs are the key to positive social change, and its okay to make a fortune by making a difference (and not choose between one or the other).

The purpose of this book is to show these big-hearted entrepreneurs how to define their Gift, package it, and build a business around it.


  • GIFT IT FORWARD – 100% of the proceeds from this book will be gifted forward into the Archangel community.
  • THE CUSTOM COVER – To make the book unique, we’re offering various ‘customized’ versions of the hardcover dust jacket.  If you buy the book as a gift for a friend, we can add your name and your friend’s name directly into the design of the dust jacket [FROM: (You) TO: (Your Friend)].  We can also create custom versions for companies looking to purchase multiple copies for their customers, employees, suppliers, etc.





Many companies have expressed interest in partnering with us, or sponsoring our events.

I’ve always been hesitant with event sponsorships.  My number 1 pet peeve of attending entrepreneurial events is when sponsors are offered to speak to the audience.  They can often crush the energy in the room.

With our events, we have an anti-sales pitch policy (especially from the speakers on stage).

For YEARS I’ve been brainstorming how to make this work…and I believe I’ve found a great solution.



  •  QUALIFICATIONS – Sponsors have to have the same qualifications as attendees of our events.  In fact, if they weren’t sponsors, they could be actual attendees.
  • CROSS-PLATFORM – Sponsorship packages will include partnerships opportunities with EVERY project (or with single projects).
  • 2-MINUTE TALKS – Sponsors will be given the opportunity to give a 2 minute talk as every other attendee at the event, with the same rules.  100% value, no pitching.
  • TV SHOW COMMERCIALS – As mentioned above, the 2-day event will be filmed and edited down into a 1-hour ‘TV Show’ that will be published online for free.  To add to the effect of the video appearing as a real ‘show’, sponsors can offer 30-second commercials that will be included into the show.
  • CUSTOM BOOK COVERS – Sponsors will receive copies of the book where the dust jacket covers will have their branding and logos in the ‘wrapping paper’ of the book cover.
Sponsors can receive copies of the book with THEIR branding as the wrapping paper.

Sponsors can receive copies of the book with THEIR branding as the wrapping paper.



  •  We’re looking at partnering with an animation company that could produce the 30-second commercials for the sponsors who don’t have the resources to create their own spots.



This entire Blueprint is a work in progress, and we will constantly be adding content to this page.   Next spring we’re also going to post a ‘case study’ article with the results of all the projects.




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