The 9 Phases Of The Gifted Marketing Formula


There Are 9 Integrated And Sequential Phases In The Gifted Marketing Formula. 

The first phase is the Dream and Planning phase, called THE DREAMLAB APPROACH™.  In this phase you will define your two dreams:  your Purpose, which will be the core of your strategy; and your Dream Client,  which is an archetype of the client most likely to share your dream, pay the most, refer the most, and have the best relationship with you.

The second phase is the Innovation phase, called THE ORIGINAL SYN METHOD™.  This phase is all about ethically raising prices while eliminating the competition by borrowing great ideas and best practices from businesses outside of your industry. This phase shows you how to become a one-of-a-kind and unique organization in a brand new industry where you have no competition.



The Gifted Marketing Formula


The third phase is the Branding, Packaging, and Storytelling phase called THE DNA PACKAGER™.  In this phase you will carefully articulate your company’s unique story, or Distinct Natural Advantage (DNA), making it easier for you and your Dream Clients to spread the word about your business, your products/services, and your Purpose.

The fourth phase is the Education and Lead Generation phase, called THE DABSTER TECHNIQUE™.  Dabster is another word for expert, and this phase shows you how to use the power of Education-Based Marketing to package and sell your wisdom in an effort to position yourself as an expert and educate prospective Dream Clients about your business and purpose.

The fifth phase is the Dream Client Attraction phase called THE CHECK MAGNET GAMEPLAN™.  This phase is all about using Direct-Response marketing techniques to attract and build a massive database of Dream Clients.

The sixth phase is the Sales and Conversion phase called THE FUNNEL OF LOVE MODEL™.  This phase transforms the traditional sales funnel into a “love funnel,” by treating your prospective Dream Clients as your most coveted relationships, and treating the sales process like being in a loving, blissful marriage.

The seventh phase is the Referral phase, called THE MATCHMAKER MATRIX™.

This phase shows you how to have your Dream Clients and other Gifted Entrepreneurs refer boatloads of business to you, using the art of Cupidification™.  This phase also shares how to build strategic partnerships with complimentary and cooperative Gifted Entrepreneurs.

The eighth phase is the Exponential Growth and Profitability phase, called THE SUPERSIZER SYSTEM™.  This phase is modeled after McDonald’sSupersize” concept, and shares a series of strategies which can deepen your client relationships and increase profits by providing more forms of unique value.

The ninth and final phase is the Community and Tribe phase, called THE CHOIR BUILDER™.  This phase shows you how to deepen your connection not only with your Dream Clients, but also among them.  The Choir Builder lets you create your company’s “Choir”, or community, into an army of evangelists who sing the praises of your business and your purpose to the world.



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