Harmony.  Appreciation.  Gifted.  Choir.  Present.

These are what I call ‘Synergisms’.

A Synergism is a word with two different and distinct meanings that, when combined, create something larger than the two individual meanings.

For example – my book is called The Gifted Entrepreneur, where the word ‘Gifted’ can mean intelligent or talented, but can also mean ‘giving’.  So the Synergism is when someone intelligent and talented is also a giving person, and uses their talent to be a ‘gift’ to the world.

The root of Synergism is ‘Synergy’, a term greatly overused and abused in corporate boardrooms.  Synergy is when individual elements are mixed together to produce a result greater than the sum of the individual parts.  Essentially, 1+1=3 or 4 or 10.

I first learned of the concept from Stephen Covey’s incredible book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Here are some of my favourite Synergisms:


Harmony is a musical term defined as a combination of tones or instruments that when played together are pleasing to the ear.  Harmony, however, can also mean peace, accord, and agreement.

When used together, a Synergism is formed since music can be used as a universal language to create peace and ‘harmony’ amongst feuding parties.


I’m sure you know the ‘musical’ definition of the word ‘Choir’ – an ensemble of singers or musicians playing together in Harmony.

Choir is also a term used to describe a group of angels.

I use the words ‘Angels’ and ‘Archangels’ to describe Gifted Entrepreneurs.  As part of my vision, I am building a tribe or “Choir” of like-minded Gifted Entrepreneurs, working together in Harmony and cooperation to spread the ‘Gifted’ message and change the world for the better.

Speaking of spreading a message – I recently discovered that the origin of the word ‘Angel’ is ‘Angelos’ from ancient Greek which means ‘messenger’ – now how awesome is that?!


Appreciation Definition 1: Gratitude and thankful recognition.

Appreciation Definition 2: An increase or rise in value.

When you combine the two definitions, something beautiful happens.  “Appreciating” someone can quite literally ‘lift them up’.  To that individual, and to others around them, the individual’s personal value has increased.


Present Definition 1: A gift.

Present Definition 2: Being or existing in the current time…right now.

There is a famous quote by Bill Keane which explains perfectly how the word ‘present’ is a Synergism:

“Yesterday is History,  tomorrow is a Mystery,  today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the Present”.

I’ve always heard the phase ‘Being Present’, but I didn’t quite understand it until I had a child.  I learned the hard way that being in the presence of someone, is not being present for them.

I have a terrible habit of checking my cell phone every two minutes for new message while I’m with my son, and I realize how difficult that must be for him.  In order to be truly present, I need to make HIM feel like he is all that matters in the moment.

The same principle applies to all relationships – both personal and professional.  If you want someone to feel special, appreciated, and valued, be present for them.  They will feel like it is a gift.

 Can you think of other words that are Synergisms?

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