Original Syn

If you’re looking for a way to create an unfair advantage over your competition…the best option is to eliminate them altogether.

The system for eliminating competition is a process I call ‘Original Syn’.

If you look at any industry, the majority of competitors borrow success practices from each other.  The result is commoditization, where it is easy to compare various offerings based on price.

(Think of phone companies, or fitness clubs, or real estate agents…80% of the time you could replace the logos and not see a difference!)

To succeed in your industry, what you DON’T want to do is compete head to head.  The key, and success secret, is to create a brand new industry where you’re the ONLY player.

What Is Original Syn?

The guiding principle of Original Syn is that scarcity increases value.  The more an item is perceived as scarce, unique, or one of a kind, the more perceived value it has in the mind of the consumer.

The Original Syn Method is all about creating a unique, one of a kind industry where your company, products and services are the only viable option.

Its about innovating to the point where prospective clients can no longer compare you to your competition based on price alone.

Most Apples Are The Same…Except From This ‘Special’ Tree…

So how does Original Syn work?  How do you create a unique industry?  Original Syn literally stands for “Originality Through Synergistic Synthesis”.  In other words, if you want to be original and unique, borrow and steal ideas, success strategies, and best practices from companies OUTSIDE of your industry.

I bet that if you looked around your own industry, most of the businesses look, talk, and walk the same.  Similar marketing strategies, similar buzzwords, similar products.

The automobile industry is notorious for commoditization, yet two great examples of Original Syn are in this highly competitive space.

Take Lexus, who sent their management team to study the experience at the Four Seasons hotel chain.  Lexus realized that consumers aren’t happy with the traditional ‘car dealership’ experience.  Instead, they want to be known as a boutique hotel that sells cars.  Lexus also borrowed the ‘Genius Bar’ concept from Apple Computers to innovate their customer service experience (for buyers that wanted assistance or special training for their vehicle).

Or what about Tesla Motors, a high-end electric car company who don’t have traditional dealerships.  Instead, they lease premium retail space in upscale malls across the country to showcase their product.

Your New R&D Department

I heard a funny saying recently that ‘R&D’ stands for ‘Ripoff and Duplicate’.  Brilliant.

Make a list of 10 companies, brands, and products that you love, OUTSIDE of your industry.  Start to take notice of all their marketing and communications, customer service strategies, technologies, and overall ‘great’ ideas.

Which of these ideas could you implement in your own business, to make it more unique and valuable for your clients?

You may also want to informally survey your clients, to find out which other companies they LOVE outside of your industry, and ask ‘why’ they love them.  The more you take notice, the more you’ll be able to innovate.

Remember, stealing is a ‘sin’ if you do it WITHIN your industry, but it’s a ‘syn’ if you borrow from companies OUTSIDE your industry!

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