Nicholas Kusmich

[VIDEO] From Barely Known To $1000/Hour Waiting List in 6 Months: Meet Nicholas Kusmich

Want to discover how a virtually unknown marketing consultant went from “barely getting by” to charging $1000/hour with a waiting list of A-List Clients?

Here’s the story of how Nicholas Kusmich became one of the most sought after
and highest paid Facebook Ad Strategists…

…with top A-list clients like Robin Sharma and Joe Polish…

…after accepting a scholarship from Giovanni Marsico at Archangel Academy

…all within 6 months…

…without doing any advertising but instead having clients chase him down to the point where he’s had to 10x his fees.

In this video (filmed at Archangel’s Flight School event in Toronto, Canada on July 19, 2014) Nicholas Kusmich shares his 6-month journey…from accepting the Archangel scholarship…to working with some of the top people in the industry…and even turning down a job offer from Gary Vaynerchuk.

He also shares some incredible business take-aways and Facebook marketing strategies with the group (check out the video ‘Highlights’ listed below).


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2:02 – How it all started – the meeting with Jayson Gaignard from MastermindTalks and the one piece of advice Jayson shared that started Nicholas on the path to success.

3:58 – The original offer Giovanni made that Nicholas couldn’t refuse.

7:13 – Nick shares of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make and how he sees it over and over again.

8:09 – The most important lesson Nicholas learned meeting Giovanni that changed his life forever.

8:48 – Nick introduces Giovanni’s “Four Invisible Assets” concept that any new entrepreneur can use to ‘make it’.

10:59 – The exact pitch Nicholas used to connect with the top experts in the industry to become his clients.

15:08 – Nick explains how to use Facebook to generate business (not as a business but as an “investor”).

19:02 – How your customers are ACTUALLY using Facebook (its not what you think) and how you need to be aligned with it.

21:37 – The Facebook ad strategy Nick used that impressed Gary Vaynerchuk so much that Gary made Nick a job offer at VaynerMedia.

22:50 – The ‘perfect’ Facebook ad formula revealed

24:38 – The greatest takeaway about Facebook marketing and the “barbecue” analogy.

26:40 – The #1 thing NOT to do with Facebook ads (and the #1 thing you’re SUPPOSED to do).

27:02 – How a Starbucks coffee and one sentence lead Nicholas to becoming Joe Polish’s Facebook ad strategist.

28:58 – The case study article that lead to a flood of business (1 day after Nick’s website went live) because of a Facebook post by Don Wilson.

31:08 – How one of Nick’s clients made $30,000 in 24 hours because of a single tip he shared.