How Much Do Your Problems Weigh?

If you’re overweight, chances are you’re carrying around more than just fat. Here’s a huge revelation I’ve had recently that helped me drop 40 pounds and counting…

Last month I spoke at an event called ManTalks in Toronto.

The theme for this event was ‘Pursuit of Purpose’, and while I shared many stories on dreams, passions, and purpose, the story that resonated the most was when my weight loss strategy.

Since January 1st, I’ve lost 40 pounds.


(I was 263 lbs on January 1st…today on May 1st I’m 223)

I did NOT speak about diet, ketones, exercise, supplements or kettlebells.

My message went much deeper.

It started last summer when I attended a transformative retreat in Ireland called BraveSoul, hosted by my friend Philip McKernan.


During the event I had a revelation that I shared privately with Philip.

I told him, “Philip, I just realized that every extra pound of fat on my body is a problem I haven’t addressed, a difficult conversation I’ve been avoiding, and a demon I haven’t battled.”

Philip replied “You MUST share this with the entire group.”

And I did.

Philip also advised me to address the changes like a dial and not like a light switch.

On January 1st of this year I started tackling these problems, conversations, and demons.

From focusing all my energy ONLY on work I love, to ending relationships that weren’t serving me, to creating daily rituals and routines that made me more productive.

Some of these challenges were easy – I call these the 1 pound problems. Some of them were major – the 5 to 10 pounders.

And by fighting and defeating these demons, the weight keeps dropping.

What I’ve found in my experience, is that no amount of dieting or exercise can maintain weight loss, unless you tackle the demons and difficult conversations first.

By doing so, your confidence increases, as well as your self-love…and that is the key to all of this.

You see – when I now encounter foods that could hurt me, my subconscious tells me that I love myself too much to poison my body.

Think of it as the ‘self-love’ diet, or the ‘alignment’ diet as this entire process allows you to become aligned with your deepest truth, with your heart, and with your path.

I’m not done – I have 20 pounds of problems to go.

I hope, however, that this new paradigm can inspire, help, and provide hope to anyone in a similar situation.

(I’ll be sharing more of this story when I speak at Philip’s One Last Talk event in Toronto on November 5, 2016. If you’d like to join us, visit )



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