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Now THIS Is How You Run A Board Meeting… [Meet Jim Sheils]

The entrepreneurial spirit, a life-long best friend, a passion for experiential education, and a love of surfing. These four things are what led Jim Sheils to co-found Board Meetings International with his business partner and best friend since the age of three, Brian Scrone.

A lifelong friendship to successful business partners

Jim Sheils and Brian Scrone

Jim Sheils and Brian Scrone

In their 20s, Jim and Brian’s lifelong friendship naturally progressed into a successful business partnership that brought them from New Jersey where they were born and raised to California where they began their successes in real estate.

From there they moved to Jacksonville, Florida where they currently reside, and their multimillion dollar real estate portfolio has grown to over 500 properties. They are also well respected speakers, invited to speak all over the world, and in 2010 became best selling authors with their book, ‘Fire Sale’.

But it was over ten years ago as Jim and Brian were growing their real estate business that they experienced something truly inspirational and life-changing.

Surfing, experiential education and an exciting new business

Jim and Brian, along with a group of like-minded friends and business partners, started organizing surf trips. They were originally established simply as a chance to get away. Surfing in beautiful places around the world was the original intent of the trip, but it was the network of support and building of unique friendships that kept them all going back each year.

While on these trips, they would discuss everything from business ideas to parenting and would support and advise each other. Jim quickly recognized that these retreats were leading to innovative ideas and breakthroughs for those who attended – business breakthroughs that never could have occurred in a board room.

Board Meetings International

Board Meetings International

The true power of the surf trips became apparent when some of the members, all busy entrepreneurs and business people, started to bring their kids along with them. This was an amazing opportunity to spend some quality time together away from home and work. It wasn’t only a bonding and learning experience for the parents, but was one for the kids as well. The children were learning things that weren’t being taught in books or classrooms, and the parents were getting a powerful insight into their kids’ goals and ambitions.

During this time, Jim was also being asked to speak at events around the world on his accomplishments in business development. It was his natural ability to break down subjects to fun and easy to understand topics that inspired parents to approach him. They would frequently ask where their children could learn more about these principles he spoke about. It was this experience combined with the successes found during their surf trips that led Jim and Brian to found Board Meetings International.

6 Pillars to solidify relationships and inspire personal growth

Now, every year for three to five days, successful entrepreneurs come together with one of their children to surf and learn from each other through Board Meetings International’s 6 Pillars of Experiential Education. These 6 Pillars are what, upon reflection, helped to bring Jim and Brian so much success. They focus on improving relationships, planning for the future, and establishing conscious contribution. Through these principles, they’ve found a unique way to grow a thriving business as well as foster healthy, growing families.



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Jim Sheils and Steve Sims at Archangel Academy 2014

Jim Sheils and Steve Sims at Archangel Academy 2014