The Four Invisible Assets

The 4 “Invisible Assets” That Successful Changemakers Use To Go from Zero To Seven Figures

Have you ever had an ‘A-HA’ moment that felt like being in a pitch-black room and someone turning on concert flood lights that blind you?

I had one of these last year, and it has to do with one of the biggest secrets that separates super-successful entrepreneurs from mediocre ones.

It’s a concept I call ‘Invisible Assets’ and it offers a roadmap for any big-hearted, giving entrepreneur to become successful.

I discovered this ‘map’ by carefully studying many of my ultra-successful mentors and friends, and it is actually quite evident once you become aware of its existence.

The Four Invisible Assets

The Four Invisible Assets

Your 4 Invisible Assets

Every existing and aspiring entrepreneur has four ‘Invisible Assets’:

1) Your TIME
2) Your GIFT

Time, Relationships and Reputation are self-explanatory (we explain your ‘Gift’ below).  The secret isn’t just KNOWING about your Invisible Assets – its understanding the formula and SEQUENCE on how to leverage each one to benefit the others.

Your Gift

Your GIFT is the value you offer to the world.   It is combination of Your Story, Your Struggles, Your Expertise, Your Skills, Your Purpose, Your Love, Your Passions, Your Energy, Your Superpowers, Your Experiences, Your Unique Strengths, and all the resources that you can share with your clients, your community, and the planet.

We each have a story to share that has value – even in our biggest failures, and even when we feel that we have nothing valuable to offer.

The Secret Formula

Here’s the secret sauce – the sequence.

When you’re first starting out, the asset in most abundance is obviously #1 – TIME.

The most successful entrepreneurs, when starting from scratch, used the first asset (TIME) to develop the second (GIFT), then used the first two (TIME+GIFT) to develop the third (RELATIONSHIPS), then used the first three (TIME+GIFT+RELATIONSHIPS) to develop the fourth (REPUTATION).

The Bigger Secret

The MOST successful entrepreneurs spend the majority of their TIME cultivating their GIFT, RELATIONSHIPS and REPUTATION.  Everything else gets delegated.

The Biggest Secret

Once you’ve established a strong network and reputation, attracting wealth and success becomes easy because you’ve built a strong platform and the market has a high level of trust in you.

It’s the reason that movie producers want A-list celebrities in their films, and why a top 40 pop artist can release a ‘good’ song and sell millions of copies while a no-name artist can create a ‘great’ song and no one hears about it.   (The same goes for authors, speakers, coaches, inventors, and entrepreneurs of any kind).

To quote author Porter Gale, “Your Network Is Your Net Worth”.

A Short-Cut To Developing My Own Invisible Assets

To cultivate my own GIFT, RELATIONSHIPS and REPUTATION, I invest over $100,000 per year in events and personal growth – most notably Joe Polish’s 25k Genius Network Mastermind Group, Strategic Coach, and MastermindTalks – as well as local Toronto events and conferences like The Art Of and SociaLight.

My Favourite Mastermind Groups And Events

My Favourite Mastermind Groups And Events

I also have the opportunity to enhance my Invisible Assets hosting my own Archangel Academy mastermind groups and workshops.

At these events I get to enhance my GIFT by acquiring new wisdom and best practices.  I also have the opportunity to strengthen relationships by being in rooms with some of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet – and I build my reputation by sharing my GIFT with my network to help them reach new heights in their businesses.

How To Leverage Your Own Invisible Assets Today (Without Breaking The Bank)

No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, running a business can be isolating and lonely.

As Jim Rohn says, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”.

As an established entrepreneur, my advice would be to find Meetups, conferences, mastermind groups or events in your area where you can acquire further wisdom to develop your gift and build authentic relationships by sharing your gift.

This is completely different from ‘networking’ events where the objective is to hand out the most business cards.  I’m talking about events where your entire focus is on GIVING and sharing – this is the key to growth (and also why this process doesn’t work for selfish and greedy entrepreneurs who are more focused on what you can offer them instead of what they can offer you).

I would highly recommend any of the events and groups mentioned above.

As a new entrepreneur, offer your TIME as a GIFT to serve others with no expectation of receiving anything in return.  It may sound counter-intuitive but the effects are incredible.

In future posts we’ll share more details on how to leverage your Invisible Assets.

Make it a great day,

Giovanni Marsico
The Gifted Entrepreneur

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