An Introduction To Hylytes

One of my favourite quotes is “Docendo Discimus” (which means, By teaching we learn).

Many people find it fascinating that I barely watch TV – instead, I am a junkie for information.  I read 2-3 books per week, tonnes of blogs, watch online videos, I’m constantly at marketing and business events, and have an insatiable thirst for absorbing wisdom.

In speaking with clients and friends about my obsession, they typically remark “I wish I could read as much as you…I just don’t have the time!” or “Can you recommend a good book on marketing, entrepreneurship, etc?”


Since I take notes while ingesting all this info, I realized there would be great value and benefit from sharing my notes with the world:

1) I can introduce you to some amazing nuggets of information, authors, experts, and ideas

2) I can give you the ‘Hylytes’ version to save you time, and…

3) If you like my notes, I will encourage you to purchase the books, watch the full videos, research the experts, etc.

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