How To Create Inexpensive or Free Videos

The other day I posted the following video on the blog as a teaser/trailer for my upcoming book:

Thought I’d share what I did as it was (essentially*) free…

The entire process took me 60 minutes.

I used Keynote to create the visuals. (I could have gone really fancy-shmancy with the effects but I wanted to do this quickly).

(Keynote is Apple’s version of Powerpoint.  I prefer Keynote because of all the great animation and ease of use).

Within Keynote you can record the ‘show’.

(NOTE – I could have recorded my own voice over right into the software which is another awesome feature of Keynote, but the day I created this video I forgot my good microphone at home so decided to use this format instead)

I exported from Keynote as a .mov file, then imported the file into iMovie. Within iMovie I added the music track, exported, and I was done.

(NOTE – You can purchase or download free templates to use in Keynote which look fantastic and super professional, but the style I used is called an ‘ugly’ video sales letter format that marketer Jon Benson made popular.)

* I say ‘essentially’ free because  I actually purchased the rights to use the music that’s in this video for a different video I created, but there are plenty of free audio tracks out there.

If you have any comments or questions please share below.