How Justin Timberlake Changed My Life

Here’s a quick story about how, in a strange twist of fate, Justin Timberlake helped shape the direction of my life.

I started my first entrepreneurial venture at 16, hosting dance parties and concerts for teens. By 19, my best friend/business partner Steven and I were bringing in 4000-5000 teens every Sunday night to our Toronto events (keep in mind it was 1996 – prior to Facebook, smart phones and email).


In the spring of 1997, we received the most amazing call from our booking agent David Brady.  “Guys, I’ve got this hot up and coming band about to explode, and you can book them in Toronto for only $5,000 US.  They’re called N’SNYC and they’re going to be huge.”

At the time, the owners of the venue were the ones that paid for incoming acts, and they insisted $5,000 was too much.  They would do $3,000, but not $5,000.  After much debate, we had to pass.

It was at this moment of my life I realized the 3 ‘M’s of a successful business – Marketing, Money, and Mentorship.   We had the first one, and lacked with the final two.


I made myself a promise – once I’m successful, I’m going to seek out young entrepreneurs like me and provide them the Money and Mentorship they need to succeed.

Fast forward to today.   I’m now running a successful business, and its time for me to keep my promise.

In a few weeks I’m going to launch my ‘Gift It Forward’ movement, and share exactly how I’m going to provide ‘Money and Mentorship’ to young, gifted entrepreneurs who want to make the world a better place.

Things are about to get interesting…


P.S.  The irony – everything that happened since 1997 has brought me to this point.  Had Justin Timberlake and his N’SYNC posse accepted our $3,000 offer, I would have probably stayed in that industry, and wouldn’t have had all of the incredible experiences and relationships that have made me successful.

Justin – if you’re reading this, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!

P.P.S. – Around the same time as the N’SYNC call, David called us with another act.  This is exactly what he said (I’ll never forget this call), “Guys, I’ve got this chick on my roster.  She’s not your typical dance crap, but I think you’ll like her.  Her first single is blowing up in the US, something about a Genie and a Bottle. Her name’s Christina Aga-something.  I dunno.  I think you should book her.  $5,000 US.”  (Of course, we had to pass on this one as well).

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