Hal Elrod

Hal Elrod: How To Write A Book That Goes Beyond The Bestseller List…

In this ‘126 TALK’ video below (recorded at Archangel Academy 2015) best-selling author and speaker Hal Elrod shares the 2 biggest keys to creating a book that goes beyond a best-seller and becomes a movement…just like his book The Miracle Morning.


What is a ‘126 TALK’?

At Archangel Academy, an annual event hosted each January in Los Angeles for Archangel members, each of the attendees is given an opportunity to go on stage and do a 126-second (roughly 2-minute) talk offering 1 nugget of value based on their ‘gift’…as a way of sharing their wisdom AND introducing themselves to the rest of the group.


Here’s the video:

Hal Elrod: How To Write A Book That Goes Beyond The Bestseller List…In this ‘126 TALK’ video (recorded at Archangel…

Posted by Giovanni Marsico on Tuesday, September 1, 2015




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