Giver’s Guilt – Doing Well Vs. Doing Good

It’s easy to say that you should build your business around a bigger Purpose.  Yet in reality, it’s hard to do.

As a big-hearted entrepreneur, I’ve had an issue for years which I call “Giver’s Guilt.”  Let me know if this sounds familiar:

For every dollar you make, do you keep it, or give it away?  For every spare minute of time, do you do something for yourself, or for someone else?

There’s guilt on both sides of this equation: creating a better life for yourself and your family, vs. creating a better life for others.

For most profit-focused entrepreneurs, the idea of sacrificing profits is a deterrent to building a Purpose-Based organization.

Increased competition, shrinking profit margins and diminishing customer loyalty makes it already difficult enough for entrepreneurs to stay afloat, let alone worry about purpose!

In their eyes, Purpose will cost money and time that they don’t have.

Their Ignorance Is Your Opportunity

Let’s keep this as our little secret: I’ve discovered a way to use Purpose as the key to skyrocketing your profits, eliminating your competition, increasing margins, and dramatically increasing client loyalty to the point where they will love you.

What I’ve found, is the Holy Grail to success for the next decade.

In fact, I’ve developed a step-by-step formula for making this happen – and it’ll be revealed to you in a few days…



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