Gift It Forward

Everyone talks about ‘giving back’.

Reciprocity is a very common human trait – the need to give to charity, to return a favour, to volunteer, etc.

In a recent discussion with other members of Joe Polish’s Genius Network Mastermind, the topic of ‘giving back’ came up.

Joe mentioned that he dislikes the phrase, as it implies something was originally ‘taken’ in order to ‘give it back’.  The phrase, in his opinion, should simply be ‘giving’.

I couldn’t agree more, and would take it to the next level – I would call it ‘giving forward’.


In 2000, Warner Bros. released one of my favourite films of all time – Pay It Forward – starring Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment.

Osment plays an 11 year old student who comes up with a good-will project called ‘Pay It Forward’, in which the recipient of a good deed has to ‘pay forward’ the good deed to a third party, instead of ‘back’ to the original donor.


In my business  and personal life I’ve come up with a concept called, “Gift It Forward”, which has 2 definitions:

1) For Gifted Entrepreneurs interested in making a social difference, Gift It Forward means making ‘giving’ a part of the business plan and strategy from the start – incorporating giving into every transaction versus writing a cheque at the end of the year for the tax benefits.

2) Gift It Forward is also my answer to what I consider the problem with “charity”.  Charities and non-profits rely on the support from donors, who provide donations in the form of money, time, and resources.  This model is reliant on the goodwill of others, and is not sustainable.

I believe that all successful Gifted Entrepreneurs should give a portion of their time, wealth, and wisdom to OTHER Gifted Entrepreneurs, as well as to charities as donations.   I believe that more social change can occur at the hands of Gifted Entrepreneurs compared to non-profit organizations.  Successful GE’s should therefore always be on the look out for start-up and budding GE’s who have raised their hands to say “I want to make a difference, but I need support and mentorship from someone who’s already made it”.


I call successful Gifted Entrepreneurs ‘Archangels’ and soon-t0-be successful Gifted Entrepreneurs ‘Angels’.   An Archangel by definition is an angel of high rank.  The biggest way for us to create a better world is if Archangels help other Angels to become Archangels.



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