From Gifted Student To Gifted Entrepreneur

So how did I figure this all out?  Where did the concept of the Gifted Entrepreneur come from?

My “Gifted” Journey

In 1984 my elementary school tested students, and I was labeled as ‘Gifted.’

From Grades 5-8, I left my regular class for one day a week to attended ‘Gifted’ class.   It was my first time experiencing what Napoleon Hill would call a Mastermind: the idea that being around other smart and talented people (even children) would make me smarter and more talented.

The Mastermind experience would continue throughout high school, as I was lucky enough to attend St. Michael’s College School, a private school in Toronto, Canada, for intellectually and athletically gifted students.

The Role That Changed My Life

In 2002 I was hired onto the marketing team at Strategic Coach, which offers a workshop program for highly successful entrepreneurs.   During my time with this incredible organization, I was able to see the true power of the Mastermind concept in action.

Groups of 20-40 high achieving business owners would gather each day to learn how to break through their obstacles, and achieve higher levels of success — both from the coach at the front of the room, and from each other.

Dan Sullivan

It was at Strategic Coach where I met the two men that would change my life forever.  The first was Dan Sullivan, the owner of Strategic Coach.  Dan is one of the smartest people on the planet.  I learned more during my three years at Strategic Coach than I had the previous 25.

While most team members would leave at 5pm to be home with their families, I would stay after work to read every possible strategy, tool and book that Dan published.  I tried to get myself into every possible workshop to be around the clients.  I absorbed everything that was taught like a sponge.

Joe Polish

My other life-changer is Joe Polish.  Joe is one of the world’s top marketing experts, as well as a client at Strategic Coach.

In 2004, I had to opportunity to work on a Strategic Coach marketing project with Joe.  That year, Joe invited me to a marketing conference held in Scottsdale Arizona by another marketing master, Dan Kennedy.  The date was May 5, 2004 — a date I will never forget — as it was then that I was introduced to the incredible world of Direct Response Marketing.

It was also the day I had the privilege of meeting Mark Victor Hansen, speaker and author of the ‘Chicken Soup for The Soul’ book series (with more than 140,000,000 books sold internationally).  He said something to me that day that changed my life, “Giovanni, to be rich, you must enrich.”

It was that day that I came up with the idea for Archangel Academy, a school for entrepreneurs like myself who wanted to change the world.

I owe much of my success to Dan and Joe, and I’m proud to say that I am now both a client of Dan’s Strategic Coach Program and Joe’s Genius Network Mastermind.  If you are a Gifted Entrepreneur, I highly recommend both organizations.



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