In my post on Synergisms, I discussed the word ‘Appreciation’ having 2 definitions – an increase in value, and gratitude.

The combination of these two definitions reminds me of one of my favourite words, “edification” – which comes from the Latin aedificare meaning ‘to build’.

One of the most powerful ways for an individual to build their confidence, reputation, and credibility, is through third-party edification.

If I talk about how great I am, then I am perceived to be conceited.  But if another credible and reputable person talks about how great I am, then my credibility and reputation move up a few notches on the scale.

There is no greater feeling than to edify someone,  yet many people prefer to knock others down, belittle, criticize, gossip, and blame.

If everyone learned to appreciate each other, think of how wonderful life could be!

Here are two brief scenarios to explain edification…

Bob is a plumber.  Bill has a broken pipe.


Bob says “Hi Bill, I’m the greatest plumber in town.  I can fix your pipe.”


Fred, a local electrician who knows both Bob and Bill, says:  “Bill, I hear you have a broken pipe.  You should definitely speak to Bob.  He’s the greatest plumber in town.”

QUESTION – In which scenario is Bill more likely to hire Bob?

This is the power of edification, or third party endorsement.

For edification to exist, there has to be three parties – the person with the problem, the person with the solution, and the matchmaker, or person who connects the first two.


The word Cupidification is a hybrid of the words ‘Cupid’ and ‘Edification’.

As you probably know, Cupid is the god of love and desire – one shot of cupid’s arrow can make you fall in love with anyone.

Cupidification is like edification on steroids.  It happens when there is a deep connection and level of trust between the person with the problem and the matchmaker, or when the matchmaker is someone with power, authority expertise, or fame.

(A referral is more powerful if coming from a loved one, someone trusted, or someone in a respected field like a doctor or lawyer.)

Cupidification is why so many mega-brands use celebrities to endorse their products, and also explains the entire product placement industry.

In a future post I will explain how to use Cupidifcation in your business.

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