Are you a big-hearted entrepreneur that wants to make the world a better place?

Would you like to find a way to share your Gift with the world, in a way that doesn’t come across as ‘selling’?

I’d like to introduce you to the most powerful strategy I’ve discovered when it comes to building a successful purpose-driven business.

Its a 3-step business model that flips the old school method on its head.

Before I share it, let me explain the traditional model – aka – the ‘hard’ way to grow a business.


During my 20-year entrepreneurial career, this is the process I used – and its probably the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.  I believe MOST entrepreneurs follow the same path.

STEP 1 – We get an IDEA for an awesome new product that will make millions. (Or we figure out a solution to a problem.)

STEP 2- We painstakingly CREATE the product or service, and start the business.

STEP 3 – Then we go out and try to FIND people that will buy our new, innovative mousetrap.

In many cases the ‘IDEA-CREATE-FIND’ strategy works, but this path is laden with plenty of obstacles and a high risk of failure.

There is a MUCH better (and easier) way to build your business.


I’ve finally discovered the secret to success when it comes to entrepreneurship – it’s a three-step business model I call: 


The term Ascension means, “To move upward and rise to a higher point.  To move from an inferior to a superior degree or level”.

From a business perspective, Ascension is your #1 goal for your clients.  Your role is to create a bigger future for them, and you use your company/product as the ‘wings’ which lift them from their present level to a higher and bigger future.

You can use this model when first starting a new business, or to innovate and improve upon your current business.

You can also use the model to write a book, create a product, produce a live event or even when planning a crowdfunding campaign.

Here are the three phases:

1) HERO   2) DREAM    3) GIFT


Hero. Dream.  Gift.

Hero. Dream. Gift.



In this phase, you want to have a crystal clear picture and definition of who you wish to serve.

Hero is the term to define your Dream Client. 

It is an avatar or archetype of the ideal person you’d like to build a relationship with. 

They are the protagonist of your story.

In fact, it is helpful to think of this process as designing a video game, or writing a book, where your Dream Client is the main character.


You’ve probably heard of the Pareto Principle or 80/20 Rule – where 80% of your revenues are generated by 20% of your client base.

While revenues are important, I believe they’re not enough. 

I take it to the next step – the top 20% of your top 20% or 96/4. 

This is the 4% of your clients that produce the most revenue, as well as the most meaning, and share the same values and beliefs as you.

These are the people you would have over for dinner with your family or go on vacation with.

They’re the battery chargers – when you’re around them, you feel energized (compared to the rest of your clients that are battery drainers).

The most important aspect of your hero is that they share the same values, beliefs, and dreams as you.

(NOTE – If you have any difficulties coming up with a description of your hero, make a list of the characteristics you DON’T want your Dream Client to have and then describe the opposite characteristic)


The next step is to get into the head and heart of your hero, and determine their DREAM or ideal future.

Their dream is about who, where, and what your client wants to be in the future. It is their vision, their path, and their aspiration. 

Using the video game analogy again, the Dream is your hero’s mission – it’s the end of the game where they win the trophy.

During this step it is also important to define your hero’s NIGHTMARE – the biggest obstacles that will prevent your hero from achieving their dream. 

This is their pain, their suffering, and what keeps them up at night. Using our analogy, it’s the dragon, the monster, the enemy.


Think of your GIFT as the tools that will help your HERO achieve their DREAM.

I define your GIFT is the value you offer to the world. 

It is combination of Your Story, Your Struggles, Your Expertise, Your Purpose, Your Love, Your Passions, Your Energy, Your Superpowers, Your Unique Strengths, and all the resources that you can share with your HERO.

Heading back to the game or story analogy – your GIFT is the magic potion, energy pill or weapon that helps your hero overcome all their obstacles and slay the dragon. 

It is also a MAP providing your HERO with directions on the path towards their bigger future.

On their path to achieve their Dream, you’re the Hero’s guide providing them with the tools they need.


My Heroes - Meet The Choir

My Heroes – Meet The Choir

In my world, I call my heroes ‘Angels’.

They are purpose-driven entrepreneurs with big hearts who want to make the world a better place. 

They’re positive, ego-free, very giving, and hyper-growth oriented. 

Like me, they believe it is best to make a fortune AND a difference at the same time (instead of choosing one over the other). 

Their DREAM is to become ARCHANGELS (‘Chief’ or ‘Leader’ Angels) running a super-successful business that is creating massive positive social change in the world (either with their product, their time, or through philanthropic causes). 

They want to have huge positive impact on the planet – spreading happiness and reducing suffering for the greatest amount of people by sharing their GIFT.

They want to be leaders in their industries and communities, making a fortune by making a difference.

They also want a stress-free life where they’re doing what they love, working with clients they love, while at the same time taking plenty of time off to pursue their bucket list items and spend time with loved ones.

My GIFT begins with my expertise in the fields of marketing and strategy.

From a business perspective, my ‘superpowers’ are what I call ‘Creation’ and ‘Curation’.

CREATION – I love to dream, think big, create value, start projects, innovate, problem-solve, strategize. I think of myself as a producer.

CURATION – I have 2 analogies that I love to use – Professor X and Robin Hood.

If you’re an X-Men comics fan, Professor X lead the X-Men. His role was to search the planet for ‘mutants’, show them they have a gift, and teach them how to use it to become a superhero. 

In my world I’m searching for Angels – entrepreneurs that want to make the world a better place – and provide them with the tools they need to succeed and fly higher. 
I affectionately call my company Archangel Academy For Gifted Entrepreneurs after Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters.

In Robin Hood fashion, I also love to curate wisdom, best practices, golden nuggets of actionable information from super successful ‘Archangels’ and pass them on to Angels.

From a personal perspective, my biggest gift is my heart. 

I have the capacity to love everyone on the planet and share teachings of love. 

I am a supremely giving person and love to use this gift to make people smile and lessen their suffering. 

(My ‘holy shit’ goal is something I call ‘Ten Billion Smiles’ – by the time there are 10 billion people on the planet, I want to my tribe to pay it forward to the point where we’ve positively touched the lives of every single person on the planet).



TGE_BookThe concept of Ascension and building a business based on your Gift is the thesis of my upcoming book, The Gifted Entrepreneur.

I would absolutely LOVE to give you a hardcover copy of my book as a gift from me (all I ask is that you cover the shipping and handling).

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